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May 16th, 2015

I have such a passion for watching sexy girls sucking cock. This shaved punk girl doesn’t know her boyfriend has a camera set up right beside them as they get naked, and after a nice close-up shot of her shaved pussy, we get to watch as she gives him a long and sloppy blowjob. She starts with her hands and continues with her sexy mouth and tongue, and the camera’s so close, you don’t miss a thing! I don’t know how she feels about being captured in the act of being such a dirty girl, but I sure know how I feel watching it!

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April 26th, 2015

Hot girls pissing voyeur material is so difficult to come by (but not too difficult to cum by!), but it’s your lucky day because here is a five-star, five minute clip of a sexy redhead pissing on the white snow outside. She just spreads her legs and lets it fly. Happily, someone thought to record it happening so that we could all benefit from her uninhibited, slutty behavior.

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April 6th, 2015


She sucks and she fucks, from every angle conceivable, and finally she takes a load in the face. And the crazy thing about it is that her boyfriend is capturing the whole thing on cam for your viewing pleasure. You’ll have as much of a blast as her guy does after you watch this horny emo slut take it every which way; I know I did! You’ve got to love theses fellows that want the world to see their girlfriends get fucked, and you can find plenty of that sort of thing at EmoGirlsPorn.com. Sneak on over and have a little peek…and a big blow!

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March 17th, 2015

Her housemates are all at class this afternoon, and this college freshman thinks there’s no one around to see how she spends her private time. What she doesn’t realize is that a couple of their guy friends thought it would be a lark to plant a hidden spy cam in the living room. Good plan! They did a bang up job of hiding the camera and caught some highly stimulating voyeur pics of their sexy blonde classmate on the couch. She should be concentrating on her studies, but instead she’s completely focussed on sliding her fingers up and down her wet pussy! This is one hot masturbation scene, and when you see the tantalizing rear view included in these voyeur photos, your own concentration—amongst other things—will be totally engaged!

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February 25th, 2015

Mornings are obviously not the best time for this cutie. She’s still half asleep and forgets to close the bathroom door while making her ablutions. If she were more wakeful, she might have noticed her boyfriend recording her private pee time. Luckily enough, she’s blissfully unaware that she’s being spied on, and so we’re treated to a titillating view of her neatly trimmed pussy as she hikes up her skirt and perches on the potty. That’s one sweet upskirt shot! But the show doesn’t end there. Our shutterbug snaps off some hot voyeur pics of this girl’s nicely toned ass cheeks when she turns around to flush, and that skimpy thong just adds to the pleasure! She might be still snoozing, but when you view every sexy detail of what’s under this babe’s skirt, you’ll be on full alert!

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